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Frequently asked questions

Qns Am I allowed to use my own cleansers and toners?
Ans MD Dermatics cleansers and toners have been specially designed to suit the complex treatment creams that are used in the Skin Renewal Programs. As other brand’s cleanser and toners may contain ingredients that nullify or reduce the efficacy of the treatment creams, we do not fully recommend the risk that may arise if combined in that manner.
Qns Is it necessary to follow the recommended steps given by my Physician?
Ans The Skin Rebirth range has been carefully designed to provide a flexible yet effective solution to a wide range of problems. Each step focuses on different aspects of preparation, repair and protection and is important to meet the intended objectives.
Qns What is the difference between over the counter products and MD Dermatics?
Ans The key difference lays in its overall effectiveness in addressing the concerns that patients face. The combination therapy method that we use has been endorsed by the American Academy of Dermatology. MD Dermatics will not be prescribed by Physicians/Medical Professionals if they do not meet the required standard in the medical field.
Qns Am I allowed to blend all the creams together before applying it in one single step?
Ans As the blending of the treatment creams in such a manner may not be thorough, the key ingredients may not be reaching the intended treatment areas as expected, leading to poor results.
Qns How long should the Skin Rebirth System last me?
Ans The initial set should last between 4 – 8 weeks and should not exceed 12 weeks. Subsequent sets may last between 10 weeks to 16 weeks. Certain products may require replenishing faster than the others.
Qns Will it be all right if I wish to use less of the creams to allow prolonged use of the set?
Ans By using less cream as directed, the expected results may not even occur and patients may even have nullified any effect the set should bring.
Possible Reactions
Qns I am experiencing itchiness, burning, redness and warmness, is this normal?
Ans The patient’ skin is experiencing the normal reactions as described in the instruction guidelines. This reaction occurs due to the sudden acceleration of Keratinization and the skin is worked hard to repair existing damage. Patients are advised to continue use of the program. Reactions may subside after a few weeks. If rashes or continuous discomfort is felt, please consult your physician or consultant immediately.
Qns I am experiencing reactions, but I need to attend a function, what can I do?
Ans Stop 3 days before the event and continue use of the cleanser, toner and sun protection. Apply DayCalm or any moisturizer to the skin to calm the skin down. Restart program immediately after the event to maximize the program benefits.
Qns Why do I experience acne breakouts after using the products ?
Ans Breakouts may occur due to the sudden triggering of the sebum glands. As renewal is progressing, the skin is vulnerable to bacteria attacks and breakouts may happen, albeit a small percentage of patients should experience this. Breakouts are also another form of reactions and patients should continue use as directed by their physician or aesthetician. If LiftOff has been introduced recently, remove it temporarily first.
Qns Why do the my age spots and pigmentation appear darker?
Ans The patient’s entire face may have experienced a lightening effect as expected, causing the pigment to look darker. Patients are advised to double apply the whitening creams to the pigment area. This will be temporary and the skin tone should even out after a period of time.
Skin Rebirth System
Qns I have been using the Skin Rebirth System for over a year, can he/she continue using the products?
Ans The recommended timeline for the Skin Renewal Program is 6 – 9 months. Patients are then advised to switch use to the Skin Maintenance Program for 2 months. This allows the skin to rest and to resist any future tolerance to the treatment cream.
Qns Why do the creams appear white on my face after application?
Ans Patients are advised not to rub the cream after application. Instead a gentle tapping motion should help the products absorb better into the skin.
Qns If I decide to stop using the Skin Rebirth System, will the problems return?
Ans When patients stop using the products prematurely, the skin renewal function is interrupted and the skin will return to the initial condition it was in before use. The results gotten from the use of products will visibly diminish over one to two months.
Qns Does this mean I have to use the products forever?
Ans Patients may choose to progress to the maintenance range to maintain the results they have attained. Product usage need not continue indefinitely, but like any fitness program for the body, there has to be a good skincare regime to maintain the peak condition that was attained initially with the Skin Rebirth System.
Qns I enjoy frequenting the beach and being under the sun, can I still use the products?
Ans Extended sun exposure is not recommended as it may lead to a variety of skin problems in the future. If sun exposure is unavoidable, patients are recommended to apply a Sunscreen 20 minutes before exposure and repeat application every few hours or when needed.
Qns How quickly am I able to see results? Is there anything they can do to speed up the intended results?
Ans Depending on individual skin condition and adherence to the guidelines as provided by the Physician/Aesthetician, improvements can be seen from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Gradual improvements should be able to be seen from the 1st week onwards. By following carefully the instructions and observing the recommended dosage, improvements will be seen as quickly as intended.
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